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Boarding Services

Full Care Boarding only.  Services include @ $425.00 per month:

32 years experience                             Open vet and farrier policy
8 to 12 hour turnout                            Grain 2x daily
Hay fed 3 times daily                           Stalls cleaned daily 
Trailer parking                                      Blanketing
Holding for vet and farrier                 Open Trainer policy (proof of Insurance)
Supplements  (owner supplies)         Worming based on stool exam
Heated tanks                                          Insulated stall buckets

Our programs shut down from mid-nov to mid-march so that our boarders have full access to the facility during inclement weather.

Horses go out every day.   The only exception would be a cold/rainy day. 
We also do not do mud lots.  Horses go out in the main fields.  We maintain these fields by overseeding and fertilizing yearly.  Each field gets a 2-4 week break for regrowth in the spring.   

Each horse has a diet plan based on their needs.   We are pleased to provide plenty of grain and hay options to keep your equine friend happy and healthy.  In 2011 we partnered with Buckeye Feeds.  We are a fans of their product EQ8.  This is their premium feed.  Check them out on the web.

We are well trained and experienced to deal with horses that have health and behavior issues.   Owner's live and work on site and carefully watch over the horses. 
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